Australian Hydrogen Start-ups
Virtual Summit

October 09, 2020, Platform: Zoom Webinar
Time 10:00-05:10 PM, AEST
Theme: Co-creating the Australian hydrogen energy future

Welcome to Australian Hydrogen Start-up Meet

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all personally to the Energy Oceania webinar on the Hydrogen Startup Ecosystem.

Startups may be small companies but they can play a significant role in economic growth. They give rise to rapid innovation, revolutionary technologies, and market disruption. They provide the next generation of jobs, create new industries and sometimes transform the way we do business. Facebook, Google, Canva and AfterPay were once startups, which now play a large part in our lifestyles and businesses.

The emerging hydrogen industry presents ripe opportunities as there is a growing global interest in decarbonising energy use and industrial stakeholders such as Shell, Woodside, Apple, Amazon and Origin are looking to play a part. The industry supply chain, including the vertical integrations and end user applications, is still a canvas being developed which presents entrepreneurs, consultants, businesses and investors a chance to make their marks on the industry.

I’d like to thank each of you for attending, as well as the talented speakers, panelists and organisers of this event. We hope sincerely that you find the content informative, engaging and, inspires you to contribute in shaping this exciting, important industry.

Diane Hinson
Conference Chairperson

Conference Chairs


Diane Hinson


Paul Hodgson

Paul Hodgson

General Manager
NERA- National Energy Resources Australia

Featured Speakers

Jeremy Stone
Jeremy Stone
Non- Executive Director
Shailendra Vyakarnam
Shailendra Vyakarnam
Non-Executive Director
Corrosion RADAR, Uk
Trevor Holmes
Trevor Holmes
Managing Director
Roy Green
Roy Green
Special Advisor and Chair
UTS Innovation Council
Daniel Knox
Daniel Knox
Director - R&D & Govt Incentives
Brendan Norman
Brendan Norman
Chief Executive Officer
Geoff Ward
Geoff Ward
CEO & Managing Director
Hazer Group Limited
Andrew Dickson
Andrew Dickson
Development Manager
CWP Renewables
Linda Ginger
Linda Ginger
Growth Science
Hydrogen Energy

About the Australian Hydrogen Start-ups Virtual Summit

Considering the COVID-19’s isolation protocols and quarantine circumstances, Energy Oceania is glad to launch the Renewable’s Innovation Series by building a unique online platform for the global renewable energy community to interact during these unprecedented times.

Energy Oceania excited to present Australia's first virtual summit on the hydrogen start-up ecosystem in collaboration with NERA- National Energy Resources Australia and H2SEQ Hydrogen Industry Cluster, providing an ideal entry point for those who passionate about the decarbonization, who would like to make a difference, and need to consider hydrogen and associated technologies.

The virtual start-up forum brings together impactful speakers and panelists to present and share their insights on building an entrepreneurial ecosystem for starting up, developing a sustainable energy business, and practices that enriched their ventures.

Join us to see where the investment potential is, learn about the drivers of early adopters, navigate the path to commercialization & scale-up, meet emerging and talented ventures, and gain market intelligence on this less-known but a crucial ecosystem.

If you would like to do a startup or a project development for the hydrogen industry, or if you are a consultant or small or scaling business that would like to service the emerging hydrogen sector, you should not miss this!

We look forward to welcome you all to the Australian Hydrogen Start-ups Virtual Summit.

What to Expect?

Great Speaker Line Up

Access the globally recognized thought leaders interactive sessions and learn from their experiences.

Meet the Start-ups “Pitching Competition”

There will be an opportunity for 10 selected start-ups to deliver a 5-minute pitch to multiple investors, gain some valuable exposure, and get some equally valuable feedback after the pitch. The applications will be opened from September 15th, 2020.

Gain Market Insights and Intelligence on Emerging Players

Don't just listen to them, probe them to know the right strategies that will help your business.

Key-Networking: Connect and Collaborate

Network with the thought leaders, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Start-ups, business owners and more.

Sponsorship Opportunities

"Australian Hydrogen Start-ups Virtual Summit sponsorship opportunities provide your organization with substantial international exposure, increasing visibility of your brand, and your networking capacity."

If you are looking to introduce your products/services to the renewable energy community, it doesn’t get bigger than the Australian Hydrogen Start-ups Virtual Summit.

To know the different levels of sponsorship, please go through our sponsorship guide.

Please contact Priya Balaji on +61 383 913 150 or email for more information.


  • Startup Founders
  • Students and Job Seekers
  • Government/Industry- A$20
  • Universities- A$10

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