July 01, 2020
Time: 02:00 PM – 05:00 PM CET (GMT +2)

Online Meeting on Pre and Probiotics: A Shift from Pharmaceuticals to Nutraceuticals (ProBio-07)

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Pascal Ronfard

Pascal Ronfard

President of the Groupe SOLACTIS, France

Title: Microbiota balance: Food wants to have it simple and reliable

Lynne V McFarland

Lynne V McFarland

University of Washington, USA

Title: How to choose an appropriate probiotic for your patient: evidence-based decisions

Adriane Elisabete Antunes de Moraes

Adriane Elisabete Antunes de Moraes


Title: Searching for the best way to deliver Probiotics to the gut

Kolli Guna Ranjan

Kolli Guna Ranjan

GITAM, India

Title: Isolation, characterization and evaluation of probiotic potential of commercial probiotics against human pathogenic vibrios from aquaculture

Henning Sommermeyer

Henning Sommermeyer

The President Stanisław Wojciechowski State University, Poland

Title: In-vitro Growth Inhibition of Bacterial Pathogens by Probiotics and A Synbiotic: Product Composition Matters


About the Conference

Considering the COVID-19’s isolation protocols and quarantine circumstances our Prism Scientific group has scheduled 1-day virtual event through online, this new format will allow interaction between attendees and speakers. As this is the valuable time away from the research facility/college/center is a huge factor for both academic and industrial researchers. Participating in the conference by giving a presentation will take a couple of hours and includes a few days away from work, costs related with travel, lodging, meals and meeting registration.

Recent food innovations have discovered a functional component in foods that may improve health, and prebiotics and probiotics are two such substances. Prebiotics are types of fiber which provide nourishment to your health-promoting gut bacteria, whereas probiotics are live beneficial bacteria which have health benefits for humans. Pro and prebiotics both support gut microbiome health, but they’re not the same. Prebiotics are foods that promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, but probiotics are edible sources that contain health-promoting microbes. Although they are available as dietary supplements, it is not necessary to incorporate prebiotics and probiotics into your daily intake.

Here we discuss their functions, benefits, where they are available, and whether prebiotics and probiotics improve health.

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From our ProBio-07, you will learn more about Advances in Probiotic Technology, Pre and Probiotics as Therapeutics and Probiotic and Prebiotic Interventions on the Gut Microbiota and more through our online discussion. you can explore various leading techniques & applications to Pre and Probiotics.

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