June 22, 2020
Time: 05:40 PM - 08:00 PM ACST (GMT+9:30)

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Metabolomics For Food Quality and Safety (MetFood)

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Teresa McLuckie

Teresa McLuckie

Food South Australia (FoodSA), Australia

Title: The Causes, Consequences and Remedies for South Australian Food Security Supply Chain Systems; A Case Study on the Apple Industry

Amira M. Galal Darwish

Amira M. Galal Darwish

City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications (SRTACity), Egypt

Title: Fungal mycotoxins and natural antioxidants: Two sides of the same coin and significance in food safety

Cinzia Ingallina

Cinzia Ingallina

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Title: NMR-based metabolomic approach to assess food quality and authenticity

Jos Hageman

Jos Hageman

Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

Title: Robust and Confident Predictor Selection in Metabolomics


About the Conference

Considering the COVID-19’s isolation protocols and quarantine circumstances our Prism Scientific group has scheduled 1 day virtual event through online, this new format will allow interaction between attendees and speakers. As this is the valuable time away from the research facility/college/centre is a huge factor for both academic and industrial researchers. Participating in the conference by giving a presentation will take a couple of hours and includes a few days away from work, costs related with travel, lodging, meals and meeting registration.

Prism Scientific Group/MetFood organizers are planning to offer some great content and evidence based information that helps food scientists, researches, lab technicians and other allied experts from academic institutions, government agencies, societies, non-profit organizations and the industry by through this MetFood.

This informational MetFood is intended for experts in the Food Safety Industry and will be especially valuable for the following:

  • (1) Food Safety research development Managers, Technologists and Technicians
  • (2) Food Quality Research Scientist
  • (3) Food Safety Entrepreneurs
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From our MetFood, you will learn more about:

Food Safety deals with handling, preparing and storing food in order to reduce the risk assessments from food-borne illnesses. Through our online discussions, you can explore various leading technologies, techniques and instrumentation as they are applied to food quality. Join our MetFood virtual conference, ask questions, and receive feedback from our experts in this live online conference.

  • (1) How leading technologies affect food science researchers
  • (2) How to establish techniques and protocols for the best results in your food quality
  • (3) New applications and case studies in the field of food safety and quality

Why You Should Join?

From our MetFood, you will learn more about Food Safety deals handling preparing and storing food in order to reduce the risk assessments from foodborne illnesses through our online discussion. you can expolre various leading technology, technicians & applied to FOOD QUALITY AND SAFETY (MetFood)

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