Real Networking

PRISM takes pride to connect the empirical and systematic minds of both the budding researchers and the experience scientists help promote change in the world for a better human welfare.

PRISM Scientific launching events in the country to create real networking with scientists and researchers from research institutes, companies, laboratories and government agencies. We aim to have our events with only a moderate number of invited guests / delegates attending related to a discipline and to create a platform to have conversations leading to opportunities according to their respective needs.


We are passionate about organizing superior conferences and events with efficient networking platforms.

We at PRISM put in optimum resources, modern applications, best of expertise, personalized services and more importantly the passion to create great events having a win-win ratio and to ensure that we 'enhance value' to the unique outcome of the event.
Having a great understanding and appreciation in several fields of diverse research topics, we are dynamic enough to create and network to give the best outcome in terms of needs of the researchers for academic collaboration, business, consulting, partnership, employment opportunities for both firms and delegates attending the event.


Creativity, passionate and professional team with a combination of the great hospitality structure, PRISM provide exclusive, world class experiences to create one ground for global experts and professionals to share their ideas and discoveries.

Raghav Gupta

Raghav Gupta

Krishna C Joshi

Krishna C Joshi

Vivek Mahajan

Vivek Mahajan

Why Prism?

According to the traditional definition, a prism separates white light into a spectrum of colors. In this context white light is a focused stream of scientific knowledge which is dispersed into a spectrum of ideas among researchers which would lay foundation for advanced research. We, thus act as a prism to facilitate this dispersion of knowledge.



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