November 9-10, 2020

Virtual Summit on
Neuro-Pharma Research and Development (NeupharmR&D-20)

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What you need : A stable internet connection on either a laptop, desktop, cell phone, or tablet.


About the Conference

NeupharmR&D-20 will focus on recent research developments in the Neurophama sector. The program will feature a balanced mix of talks on neuropharmacology as well as clinical and translational neuroscience.

The understanding of a drug’s action requires an incorporated knowledge of the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which the drug exerts its effects upon brain circuitry and ultimately human behavior.

The theme of the meeting will attract experts working on the molecular basis of action of drugs, drug targets and delivery in the nervous system, translational biomarkers, pharmacodynamics, disease model development and selection.

The discussion during NeupharmR&D-20 can be categorized under:

  • (1) Clinical Neuropharmacology
  • (2) Molecular Neuropharmacology
  • (3) Biochemical Neuropharmacology
  • (4) Neuropsychopharmacology
  • (5) Behavioral Neuropharmacology
  • (6) Neuro-Pharmacotherapy and Pharmacotherapeutics
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Why You Should Join?

From our NeupharmR&D-20, you will learn more about Food Safety deals handling preparing and storing food in order to reduce the risk assessments from foodborne illnesses through our online discussion. you can expolre various leading technology, technicians & applied to FOOD QUALITY AND SAFETY (NeupharmR&D-20)

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Networking Session

Connects Food Sciences researchers from all over the globe to network and to share cutting-edge research.


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The presentations will remain available one month from the date of the live event for increased reach to the global community.


Panel Discussion

Be a part of stimulating discussions by triggering an exchange of viewpoints among experts in Food Quality and Safety.




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